Prentice Mulford
"Thoughts are Things"

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Dr. Phineas P. Quimby

Dr. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

"The introduction of religion based on science is the commencement of the new world....
Under this religion, no man will say to another, 'Do what is right,'
for all will do right, because he will feel right in so-doing."
Dr. Phineas P. Quimby, 1865

Death is Only an Idea
Another World Part One
Another World Part Two
Death, Jesus & the Christ
Immortality of the Senses or Soul
Jesus & Christ ~ Religion & Science
Our Happiness & Misery are in Our Beliefs

Mary Baker-Eddy

Mary Baker Eddy
Retrospection & Introspection

Emma Curtis Hopkins

Emma Curtis Hopkins
The Radiant I Am

William Walker Atkinson

William Walker Atkinson
The Law of Attraction in the Thought World
Thought Waves & Their Process of Reproduction
How to Become Immune to Injurious Thought Attraction

Abel L. Allen

Abel Allen

As a Man Thinketh

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Helena P. Blavatsky

Helena P. Blavatsky
The Creative Will

Alice Bailey

Alice Bailey
The Great Invocation

Ralph Waldo Trine

Ralph Waldo Trine
This Mystical Life of Ours Part One (MP3)
This Mystical Life of Ours Parts 1 - 4 (WMV)

C.W. Leadbeater

Charles W. Leadbeater
The Power & Use of Thought

Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill
The Power of Mind
(Real video footage)
Napoleon Hill talks about his introduction
to the power of mind by Andrew Carnegie.

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Enneagram Light

"Science without religion is lame ~ religion without science is blind."

 ~ Albert Einstein

"The universal brotherhood of man is our most precious possession."

~ Mark Twain

"Make life your playground ~ not your battlefield."

 ~ Ormond McGill

"Science is Wisdom ~ put into practice."

  ~ Phineas Quimby

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Third Eye
Thought Vibrations - The Law of Attraction in the Thought World by William Walker Atkinson
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